lauantai 28. toukokuuta 2016

Mine – Chapter 1

If I didn't go there would I be in this situation now? 

Why am I doing this again? I sigh and look around me bored. I am currently on a party with my friend. Or I should be. Right when we stepped inside, my friend disappeared somewhere. And now I'm alone in a party I don't know anyone. I'm not very sociable person and this situation isn't the most favorable for me. I look at the mug on my hand. I sip from it and instantly regret my actions. Bitter. I leave the mug on some table and decide to tell Meg that I'm leaving. I took my phone from my purse and dialed her number. She's not picking up. I sigh yet again and go upstairs to find her. I roam around looking for  Meg. When I finally find her, she's in middle of doing it with a boy. Meg's shirt is on the floor, her short strawberry blonde hair is a messy crown around her head and the blonde boy is currently kissing Meg on top of her. I, bored as usual, clear my throat and wait that they turn around to me. "I'm leaving." Meg's shocked face soon changes into worried one. "So soon? We just got here!" The blonde boy seems confused. "Well, I've had enough." I say and leave the room. "Ava, wait!" Meg yells from the room but I'm already out of the room. Meg, or Meghan, is a short girl who has sparkling blue eyes. She's very easygoing and she's, as you can see, very attached to hot boys. We have known each other from the first grade. The situation in hand isn't very surprising. That's just how she is. Her father left her when she was young and I think that's the reason she's like that now. She, like I myself, doesn't have much friends but I think she's okay with that, she doesn't complain about it after all. I then noticed that something wasn't right. Or rather, something was missing. I looked around and just decided to go home, Meg would probably be busy for a while. Then I knew what was missing. People's noise. The music was still playing but I didn't hear voices from downstairs anymore. I went downstairs quietly. Did they all just leave? When I was downstairs the view in front of me was anything but pretty. There were bodies all around the floor, blood pooling around them. Shocked I just stared at them. Those were people. Same age as me. Then I heard some steps from the other room. The killer is still here. Panicking I went upstairs as quietly as I can, hoping that who ever that was wouldn't notice me. I took my shoes off and went to the room where Meg was with bare feet. "Meg! We have to go! Now!" I whisper-shout to her taking her shirt from the ground and threw it to her. She looked shocked and was about to say something but I signaled her to shut up. "I explain later." I whisper and took them toward the window. I looked down and saw the fire-escape. I motioned them to get down. When they didn't budge I whispered: "Meg. You and..." I trailed off as I didn't know the guy's name. "Aidan." The guy whispers. "So you and Aidan go out. I'll be coming behind you. Just go already. We don't have much time." I whisper to them. Aidan opens the window and Meg goes first and then goes Aidan. I'm about to go next from the window, when a hand places itself on my shoulder suddenly. I yelp in surprise and drop my purse on the ground. The hand rests on my shoulder beaming of power. I can't say a word as I'm too terrified to speak.
"Where do you think you're going, my love~?"

perjantai 13. toukokuuta 2016

Tear Drops – Prologue


(Aiko's pov)

I look outside. There sits Nagito Komaeda. I remember the first time I saw him. He probably has already forgotten, but I held the memory dear. My own little secret.

I followed him after school as usual. This was dangerous, I knew that. But I couldn't deny the excitement that followed afterwards. It thrilled me. I could feel it in my fingertips.

I have been emotionless from as far as I can remember. Well, that was until I met Nagito Komaeda. I've been able to feel strange emotions. They are pretty strong and when they first appeared, I was really confused. I don't have any idea why this was happening to me so suddenly. All I knew was that they appeared when ever I was near him. So I continued to get as close as I could without getting caught.

After Komaeda was at his house I went to home. When I arrived at home I closed the door shut locking it. Mother and father weren't at home as usual. I would sleep at the house alone today too. I went to kitchen and passed the empty halls my footsteps echoing on the walls. Now, alone at the empty house, I started to feel the emptiness inside me again. In the kitchen I grab a toast and a glass of orange juice. After eating I go up to my room. I lay on the bed for hours. My thoughts run around Komaeda. His laugh... His smile... Everything about him excites me. But I can't surely let him know about me. Not someone like me. I have been near him. But I can't take the risk that he would notice me. That would be the end of my world. I hug my pillow looking for some sort of comfort. When I started following Komaeda with my gaze, it started just like that: A glance over here, a look over there. But when I get brave enough I started to follow him in school. I would follow him to the library, school yard and after some time, to his house. One day I noticed that we lived in the same direction. After that I have followed him. I'm satisfied to my role. I don't need more. This is good enough.