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Love Story – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 - Questions

I stand there quiet. I don't really belong to this family. I have always thought that they acted around me differently but I never thought I wasn't part of the family. I remember those years when I tried to fit in. Getting good grades and always did as I was told. Did they really hate me? And if they are not my parents who are? I feel sick as it hits me. My real parents never wanted me.

"I go to my room." I ran away to my room as my suppose to be parents watch me silently. I feel empty. If it's true... I don't even know how to continue my life now. I look at the window. The sun is setting. Should I really be here? I thought about my opinions. There isn't really much I could do. I don't have enough money to rent an apartment. I look at my hands. I feel disgusted. Nobody really wants me, huh? But then Damon's face pops into my head. I have to know what he wants from me. Ironic isn't it? Only one who shows me interest wants probably eat me. I look at the trees. They swing in the wind. It's like earth is breathing slowly. I wrap my arms around my legs and set my head on my feet. Maybe I just disappear if I sit quietly and don't make a sound.

A tapping on my window wakes me up from my slumber and I look up to see Damon behind my window waving his hand to me. I open the window and Damon comes in.

"What are you doing here? Don't you dare wake my parents attention." I fall silent as I think what I should call my parents now. Should I really call them my parents or Mr. and Mrs. Fray or something?

"What's now? What happened?" Should I tell Damon?

"I- I don't really belong to this family. My real parents... left me. They never wanted me Damon." I look at Damon's ice blue eyes with my grey ones silently asking for help. Tears starts to fall down my cheeks as I breakdown.

"Shh. Everything's going to be alright." he says as he sways me to the sleep.
Next morning I wake up in Damon's arms.

"You didn't do anything weird, right?"

"What do you mean weird?"

"... Never mind. Would you answer me in a view questions?"


"... What do you want from me?" Damon looks at me seriously before answering.

"I don't really want anything from you. Just to be friends." He smiles.

"So no alternative motives? Why did you then safe me? And I mean the car-accident too. You were there."

"I don't know..." Damon looks to the side and keeps quiet as I study his features.

"Fine. No motives. If that's the case I wanna thank you. You saved me more then one time. Even from myself." I smile a little as Damon's ice blue eyes shine. Maybe he just did what felt right to do. Without noticing it himself.

"You now consider about being friends with me?" Damon says hopefully smiling.

"We'll see that." I say smirking and get up from Damon's arms. Maybe it's not that bad idea after all.

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Love Story – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Freedom

I wake up in a very bad hangover. Oh god my head... I feel like car has driven over me. Damon is lying next to me still sleeping. I don't remember what I have said last night and hope he doesn't either. The events of yesterday plays on my head. How I wound the bourbon, got a stupid idea and drank as much as I could. Me drinking and dancing with Damon. I'm never drinking again... I can't lose control like that again. I get up and go to change my clothes. I look at the bathroom and decide to go to shower. The scenarios about last nights events plays on my head as I wash my hair. I had clothes on so nothing like that happened. But what I said yesterday is a whole different story. In best scenario I didn't say anything but then there's the change that I said too much... I shouldn't think about that now. I'm not that self-destructive that I was view days ago. The urge is gone as now I can think clearly. Now it just bothers me. Why did I want to kill myself so much? I have all ways thought that suicide is a pathetic thing to do and now I was the one to try it. Or not really. I just thought about it. I shut the shower and find myself a towel. I took my clothes Damon has picked from my house and dress myself as I look sleeping Damon. He has saved me view times. The question is why. Why bother? He doesn't seem like a guy who saves people if he doesn't get something in return. But 'cause I don't know him very well yet I can't really say anything about that. I can't trust him. Not before I hear his motives. I look at the fridge for what to eat. He has bought everything I normally eat. How much has he stalked me? I took the milk, butter and eggs from the fridge and decide to eat an omelette. There is a bowl at the shelf so I took it and the whisk and start to bake the omelette. After mixing I took the frying pan and fried it. Damon stirs at his sleep and wakes up.

"Do vampires eat? If do then I make you one too." I show him the omelette I just bake.

"Yeah, do that." He sits up and leaves the bed. He stands next to me as I bake an omelet to him.

"What's up with you? So cheerful on the morning, miss sunshine."

"Not much. Just decided to live."

"Good thing, I don't need to safe you from yourself anymore."

"Yep, here's your omelette." I give it to him and took mine. I look thought the shelves. If I just find that one thing my morning would be perfect.

"Looking for this?" Damon hands me the chocolate powder.

"Thanks." I say eyes shining. Good morning begins with chocolate-milk. We sit on the little table Damon has on his apartment and eat our breakfast.

"Now that you are not killing yourself you are free to go as you please."

"I am?"


"But you still keep stalking me?"

"I wouldn't say it's stalking..."

"Of course you wouldn't." I took a bite of my omelette.

"That hurts my feelings you know." Damon says playing hurt. I smirk and drink my chocolate-milk.

"Someday I'm going to open you up, you liked it or not."

"Is that a warning?" I say amused. He smirks and says: "That's a promise."

After breakfast I think what to do now that I'm not imprisoned. I still don't want to go home and there's really nowhere I can go. I decide to just go to mall and think about it after I have checked all the shops I need. I put my shoes on and braid my hair. Damon noticed me and asks: "Leaving so soon? Going home?"

"No, shopping. I need something... girly? I don't know. It's summer break so I'm shopping some summer-clothes."

"Can I come with you?"

"You? Shopping?" I look at him amused. That would be fun...

"Yep, with you."

"Well it doesn't really bother me if your with me or not." Damon smiles and took his sunglasses and leather jacket.

"Let's go then." he says and I follow him still amused shaking my head to him.

As we go around the mall looking for clothes, accessories etc. we pass a newspaper stand. 'A car drive into the river! One survived!' I look at the picture and see a surname. Gilbert. Isn't that... Damon wakes me up from my daydream and pushes me on the side.

"Where we go next?"

"Ah, let's go there." I look at the shop near us. It's not my problem. I just don't think about it now. I look at the things I bought. A lace top, a skirt and view shirts. I forgot what I saw and continued to walking around shops, now a little down. Even thought I didn't think about it, it still haunted me. Suddenly I bump into Damon.

"S- Sorry."

"Are you all right? You have been so quiet..."

"Everything's all right. Just that... My classmates parents died..."

"And that make you think about your own parents?"

"... Yeah..."

"It's okay. I'm here." he says smiling and I smile too a little. Maybe it's all right.

"What do you want to do? Go home? Stay at my place?"

"... I don't know."

"You don't know?"

"I don't know." We stand there looking at each others silently. I don't know what to do. I don't want to go back to home and I cant really live with Damon the rest of my life. Then I made my decision.

"I go back to home." Damon just smiles and nods.

At my front door I stop. What should I say? Has they been worried? Did they even notice that I was gone? I take a breath and open the door.

"I'm home." I hear no answer. I walk to the kitchen and see my parents talking.

"We should tell her, already. She's 17, almost adult. She has the right to know."

"You're right dear. We should tell her once she comes home."

"Tell what?" I ask as I walk into the room quietly.

"Lily. You're home. How was your visit?" Visit? Did Damon say something? Or do some vampire trick?

"Fine, I guess... But what were you talking about?" They look into each other and my mom looks at me as he begins.

"17 years earlier to our terrace appeared a basket. Then our 5 year old Hector found the basket and bought us to look at it. In the basket were a baby. That baby... was you, Lily."

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Love Story – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Captured

(Lily's pov)

Next morning as I wake up, the first thing I see is Damon's ice blue eyes.


"Good morning to you too, princess."

"Oh my good! I don't have shirt!"

"And now you remember..."

"You were looking at my chest!"

"Well, I'm a guy." I sigh and get out of the bed. I put my now dried shirt on and look at Damon darkly.

"How long are you going to keep me here? It's not like I will tell anyone what you are."

"Why are you so negative? Why won't you open up a little?"

"I'm not someone you can play with and I'm not taking any risks. And your being attracts trouble."

"Trust me a little." he says smirking but it falters.

"I'm never trusting anyone." And then I leave to the bathroom. I'm not thinking him. Not right now. I won't let him mock me. Not after what he had done. I can't get a panic attack. Not with Damon here. I try to breath slowly but it's no use. Only one name rings on my head as I collapse in the ground. Ethan.

I wake up when someone calls for me.

"Lily! Wake up! Please, open you eyes."

"No, no more... I can't..."

"Lily, everything's all right." I open my eyes and look around me if Ethan is still around. When I don't find him I sigh in relief.

"He's not here..."

"Of course there isn't anybody else here. But who do you mean?" I sit up.

"No one."


"It's no one. Forget this."

"Is he the reason you are like this?" I keep my mouth shut as I don't know what to say.

"I see. I'm not going to worse you say it."

"...Thank you..." I get up on touch my head. I feel a little dizzy.

"Uh.. You okay?" I nod and get out of the bathroom Damon following me.

"I'm going to buy you some food so don't try to escape again. You know what happened the last time..."

"Okay, okay... I try not to kill myself this time." Damon gives me one last look and then he's gone. And what I do? I try to find something to kill time. Then I find just what I need under Damon's bed.

"Lily, what do you want to eat? I have chicken, salad... What are you doing with that bottle?" Damon points at the bourbon bottle in my hand.

"Just drinking." I take another gulp of alcohol. It doesn't taste so bad after view bottles.

"I want music. Let's dance!" Damon looks at me as I go to the stereos and pick up some radio channel.

"You are drunk."

"Maybe a little." I giggle at Damon's expression. Serious look on Damon's face is just hilarious. I dance as I put the volume high, not having any worries for a first time in my life. Maybe I should get drunk more often.

"You really shouldn't drink that much. Is this your first time?"

"Yep, and I love it!" I shout and laugh out loud. Damon shut's the stereo down and makes me sit on the bed with him.

"Would you tell me what's this all about?" I shake my head and Damon sights.

"I don't want to think about Ethan, I want to dance." I get up and motion Damon to do the same.

"Well, let's dance." Damon put's the stereos on and we dance. Damon drinks too and as we're both wasted the last thing I remember before blacking out is Damon saying something like: "What has he done to you..."

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Love Story – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Capturing the princess

(Lily's pov)

"So what should I do to you? I can't just let you go now that you know my secret." I look at his eyes bored. The worst he could do was kill me but it seemed like he was thinking something else instead.

"It's settled. You are coming with me."

"Excuse me? What the hell are you talking about? I'm not coming anywhere with you."

"Then I just kidnap you."

"Huh?" I can't even think what he's doing as he grabs a hold on me and runs deeper into woods with super speed. We're in some kind of apartment when Damon tosses me onto bed.

"What was that for?!"

"For my fun. Now you stay here as I'm going out for a while."

"What?! I'm not staying here!"

"We'll see that..." And he's gone. I try open the door. Locked. Next I try the window and see that I can't get out of there even if it was unlocked. We're in the fifth floor. No... There must be some way out of here. I look at Damon's bed and get an idea. I tied the bed-sheets together making a rope using everything I got. Then I tied it next to window and climbed out of the window using the sheets. Then I see something horrible. It's not long enough. Shit. Crack! What was-?! I'm falling! I fall but I never hit the ground.

"Seriously... I can't leave you alone for ten minutes."


"The one and only. Now your getting inside." Damon carried me inside and trows me on the bed. Again.

"Stop trowing me!"

"Stop trying to get killed!"

"I wasn't..."

"You almost died. Intentional or not that's the truth." I pouted to him as he walked closer to me.
"Now you listen me. For punishment you're sleeping with me."

"What?!" I blush and Damon smirks.

"Dirty girl. I meant you sleep in the same bed. Of course if you want to instead..."

"No I'm good." The heat won't leave me and as I try to stop blushing Damon comes closer and closer to me making it hard not to blush. Damon brings his face next to mine.
"If you try that again I have no other choices but make you even more embarrassed."
I just nod and tried to lean away from him. He smirks and gets up.

"Here's your clothes, princess. Now, as much as I want to tease you more let's sleep. It's pretty late." For the first time I really look at the room. A bed, a closet, and toilet. I get my stuff together and went to the toilet to dress. After I'm dressed into my night shirt I come back to the room where Damon is already on the bed waiting for me. And of course he has his smirk on his lips. Maybe I should have stayed at the bathroom.

"I usually sleep naked but for your sake I put on some boxers." he says still smirking. My cheeks feel warm but I ignore it and get into bed. Damon comes closer and presses his chest to my back.

"Don't even think about trying to escape again." This is not good. How I'm going to sleep like this?!

After Damon is sound asleep I get out of the bed and tiptoed to the door. I look at Damon's clothes and find the key. I can finally get out of here. As I try to open the door a hand comes to stop me.

"Where do you think you are going?" Crap!

"Um... You know. Having a little walk?"

"Is that so? Then you won't mind if I join?" he smiles a dark smile. Oh god no. What does he have in mind? As I walk outside rain washes over me out of nowhere.

"What the hell?! Did you do this?" He just smiles and comes closer to me.

"You know now your shirt is see trough." I scream as I look down. He can see everything. No, no, no, this can't happen. Not with that pervert. I shield my chest as Damon brings me inside. After we're inside the apartment Damon pulls my shirt off despite my protest.

"I'm tired so we're getting to bed." he says trowing me once again on the bed. He hugs me from the back as he fells asleep. What have I done... Now I'm not getting away from here ever.

Love Story – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - The truth

(Lily's pov)

I ran as fast as I can further away from home the woods getting darker and darker. Maybe I shouldn't have come here at night. I start to jog and finally walk as exhaustion takes over me. But I'm still not stopping. Not yet. What am I even doing here? There is nowhere to go. I can't go back to that house anymore. I just can't bring my self to go back after what they did. Or should I say didn't do? I stop as I hear a scream. I get closer to the sound as it stops completely. Yeah, I'm so smart. Running to the danger. I look behind a tree as there's man and woman, man is dark haired and the woman's hair is hazel. No one I know anyway. I'm not sure about the man. I can't see his face.

"You won't scream and you stay still." The woman stops moving. The man goes to woman's neck and bites her. What the hell?! I stumble on some stick and the man turns his face on me. As I lie on the ground I gasp at his face.

"Damon?" I look at his fangs and blood stained mouth. He's a vampire.

"Lily? Well now you know." Oh great...

"What are you doing here?" He gets closer to me in every word he says.

"You know... Bad parents and all. You have stalked me so you know." And then I lose my head.

"You know what they did after I come home?! Nothing! They didn't even look at me! Does it make me a bad person that I don't want to be air to my own family? If it does I don't care anymore! If it makes me an attention whore so be it! I don't want to live like this anymore!" The woman looks at me like I'm crazy. Maybe I am.

"You remember the topic on hand?" I look at Damon's fangs and get an idea.

"Bite me. Drink all my blood so there's nothing left. I don't want to live like this and you must be starving. And you stalked me to get a little drink from me anyways so it's all good for both of us." Damon looks like he's constrained so I look at the stick I tripped on before. It's sharp. But before I can go get it Damon has it on his hands.

"Don't you even dare to think about it."

"What are you trying to stop me? There's no one who cares if I'm living or not so give me that stick already!"

"No I'm not going to let you kill yourself. I thought you of all people wouldn't get that low."

"Well sorry for disappointing you. Now give me that stick!"

"No." Damon pins me on the tree leaving the stick out of my reach.

"Why it's so hard to keep you alive? You are like some danger magnet. Always bringing danger to yourself. Maybe I should really eat you after all." I look at him. He's considering the issue.

"I don't really care if you eat me. Then there's even something I'm good for." I smile and Damon frowns.

"You're not scared?"

"I'm not scared of death."

"Or me?"

"Not really. If you kill me I won't blame you. You're a vampire. You need to eat to survive." Damon leans in so I close my eyes. He place his lips on my neck and I wait for the pain but it never comes. What...? Damon sucks my neck. He kisses my neck. Excuse me?!

"Damon what are you doing?"

"It felt right for the situation."

"What? No! You were suppose to eat me!"

"Well I don't really feel like it right now. I already ate after all." He points at the woman view meters away from us.

"Oh." Damon draws back touching his lips. I blush deep shade of red as he looks at me smirking.

"And what should I do to you?"

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Love Story – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Rescuing the princess

(Lily's pov)

I sit in the kitchen as my family comes home from where ever they were.

"Lily? You weren't..." my mom say surprised.

"No I wasn't. Thank you for your concern."

"I'm so sorry honey. We went to eat out. In the fridge there's..."

"There's nothing in the fridge. I already checked. And because I'm hungry I'm going out."

"Um, okay. Don't be out too late." I go to outside and into the car. I drive out of the yard and make my way to the town. It's already dark and as I drive I didn't notice the deer which is coming right next to me. The next seconds are my life longest. I try to dodge the deer, which you shouldn't do, and drive right into the tree. There is a loud crash and I almost lose my consciousness. The minutes pass as I try to understand what happened and what should I do now. I see blood everywhere — In front of the car and on my lap. I'm bleeding but I can't feel anything. I look outside. I'm looking straight at deer's head. I start to shake. There is dark. No one never drives this road. I'm all alone. I didn't even took my phone with me when I left. I shouldn't have driven when I was angry. Then I lose my consciousness. I hear someone trying to talk to me and wake me up. Slowly I open my eyes and see those ice blue eyes.

"Lily, try to stay awake. I'm going to help you."

"The deer..." He chuckles.

"You are worried about the deer when you are dying?"

"I'm not scared of death. The deer... It's..." I can't bring myself to say it.

"Shh, shh. Lily look at me. Everything's all right. I'm here."

"You are here..."

"Yes. Now, try to drink this." My consciousness shift from present to darkness.

"Good girl." I hear Damon say before I'm out cold again.

I wake up in a hospital room Damon sitting right next to me in a chair. He stood up as I wake up.

"How are you feeling, princess?"

"Fine, I guess. I think I owe you my thanks for saving my life." Damon smirks.

"You can thank me with that kiss we were talking earlier." I sigh and try to sit up.


"Careful, princess. We can do that after you are healed."

"Has anyone called to my parents?"

"They didn't pick up." Damon says angrily. I know that feeling.

"I kind of expected that... So... Who's going to pick me some clothes etc.?"

"I already did." Damon says smiling, satisfied to himself.

"Thanks." I took the bag and look inside. Toothbrush, t-shirt, sweatpants and some toiletries.

"Can I go to shower? I feel really disgusting."

"Sure. I took you." Damon escorts me to the bathroom supporting me the way there.

"Thanks, I can handle it from here."

"Say if you need help." Damon says smirking.

"Out already." I say small smile on my lips. After refreshing shower I put the new clothes on. The t-shirt is a little big.

"I'm ready."

"So it seems. Let's go and ask some food for you. You must be starving."

"How do you know that?"

"Your stomach was really noisy." Damon smirks again as I blush. We go to my room and Damon calls the nurse. As Damon goes with the nurse to get me some food I sit on my bed and wait. What did Damon make me drink anyways? The memory is blurry. Damon comes in with a tray full of my favorite foods.

"How do you know my favorite foods?"

"A secret."

"Well, give it to me already so I can finally eat."

"Have you eaten anything today?"

"At school and morning..."

"It's 11 pm now!"

"Well sorry for getting to an accident when I was getting food." We were quiet as we steady our breath looking each other into eyes. Damon breaths out closing his eyes and takes the tray.

"We're doing this my way. Say 'ahh'~!" he says smirking ear to ear.

"You aren't serious..." I look at Damon terrified.

"Ou, yes I am. Now open that pretty mouth of yours and let me feed you." I grumbled but either way opened slowly my mouth so Damon can feed me. For my defense I was starving. Damon smiled and give me some food to eat and kept that smile on the whole process.

"What are you smiling?"


"...Okay..." Damon gave me more to eat. Then appears a smirk on Damons face.

"You are pretty hard to keep alive." I hit his shoulder but a smile creeps on my lips.

"That wasn't funny."

"Then why are you smiling?"

" 'Cause I have sick sense of humor. Now give me my food already." He gives it still smirking. After I have eaten the last drop of my dinner Damon puts his hands together and says:
"Now then, let's see if the nurse have anything to say about your condition. I'll come back in a moment." He goes and leaves me on my room. I look at my injuries and notice that they don't look so bad anymore. Wow, the drugs must really work. I try to move my legs and they move just fine if you ignore the slight pain. Damon comes in with a nurse and the nurse checks me out as Damon waits patiently on the corner.

"You are healing fast and can probably go home tomorrow."

"Thanks. What ever you have done is working." Damon smirks and comes beside me as the nurse leaves.

"I think it's time for you to go to bed."

"I sleep poorly in hospitals..." The scent feels so suffocating it makes me feel ill.

"Don't worry. I'm here when you wake up. I promise."

"...I guess that's okay. Good enough to try out." I get between the sheets and watch as Damon settles down on a chair next to my bed. It won't take long as exhaustion takes over me and I fall asleep.

I wake up Damon besides me like he promised.

"Hello there. How did you sleep?"

"Fine I guess. Did you sleep?"

"Next to you." he smiles eyes closed.

"Of course you did..."

"But, you are free to go. The nurse come by when you were sleeping."

"Wait... How I'm getting home? I don't have phone with me. Only the wallet and that's in the car what's now somewhere on the road."

"Don't worry. I'll take you home. Damon Salvatore's duty on your service." I giggle and get up with his help. After coming out of the hospital we get into Damon's car and start our way to my home. The way to my house was peaceful and we talked the whole drive. At my porch Damon gives me my wallet he forgot to give me before.


"Your welcome. I'll see you around." he smirks and waves goodbyes. I wave and get inside the house. Finally home. Inside I see my family. Happily eating breakfast. Something inside me snaps as I look at my suppose to be family. No one worried about me how or where I am. Why am I air to everyone? And to my family too? I decide to go to my room alone. I spend my day in my room trying to calm down. Even thought it's been half a day I still haven't calmed down enough to go down and then my brother comes to my room and yells behind me.

"Where's the car? I can't see it on the outside."

"I was on accident if you didn't already see my bandages!"

"...Ou... How about the car?"

"I don't care about the damn car! I was in a car accident!"

"Don't try to be so dramatic. The car was pretty expensive. How you are going to pay that?" That's it! I'm leaving. As I ran out of the house I've been trying to fit in I feel relived. I'm finally outside. That thought on mind I ran to the woods.

Love Story – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Meeting Damon Salvatore

(Lily's pov)

I was running. It's dark and I can't see. Something is chasing me and I'm not going to let it get me that easily. Not if I had any change to escape. I suddenly fell down. Then I hear voice say into my ear: "Found you." And I scream.

I sit up and hit my head. A dream. It was just a dream. A dream I've seen two weeks now every night. I haven't seen nightmares since I was nine, why now? I'm pretty weird. I'm not scared of many things. I'm not scared of spiders, heights or dark. I'm not even scared of death. That grosses some people out. I don't have friends but I don't mind, I'm not really very outstanding and social. And I'm short. Even my little sister is longer than me.

I stand up and take support from the wall when I feel dizzy. I really should go to the nurse after school. Or I just skip it like every other day. I went to shower and get dressed. White and beige it's today. My blond polka hair bounced on my every step as I went down the stairs. My older brother Hector and my younger sister Camille were already on the kitchen chatting with our parents. I took bread from the disk and went to fridge already eating my bread. I took milk from the fridge and drink some. Nice and cold. I took my school bag and went outside jacket on my shoulder. I took a final look at my family. Nobody notice as I leave.

Final day of school before summer vacation. Boring and dull. I went with the blow. Nothing special. Nobody to talk to, so I watch as the popular kids talk and laugh. I hear some of the conversation and decide it's not worth it. They're just talking about boys and clothes. The girl Elena is her little crews boss, apparently. She seems nice but self-centered. They talk about some party where 'they all have to go'. I'm not interested of parties so I change my attention to other people. Some picks my interest but not for long. Then I see it. On the gate a few meters away there's a huge crow. One word rings in my head. Beautiful. It watch the same group I was looking a minute ago. Then it sets his eyes on me — it must be male with that grand appearance. Hypnotized I walk slowly to it side. I reach out my hand to it and as it doesn't flew away from me I touch his velvet feathers. As somebody screams the crow flew away. I look at the group of people who are watching me. Scared of me. Well this is great.

I walk past the cemetery as I'm walking home. It's peaceful as dead people can't be very noisy. I look at the last test I got. An A. But nobody will notice like usual. My thoughts have a stop as I hear noise from the bush. What the..? There stood a man in front of me his back facing me. I decide just go past him not looking at him. I was just about to pass him when he suddenly grabbed my hand.

"Hello Lily."

"Wha-?" I turn to face him and see ice blue eyes looking at my grey ones. I blush as no one has ever really looked at me and definitely not like how he's looking at me, interested. Besides he's gorgeous.

"How do you know my name?!" I shout still embarrassed.

"If I told it wouldn't be fun wouldn't it? So you going home?" He's creeping me out!

"Um... Yeah..."

"Perfect! Let me accompany you to your house."

"What do you want from me?" I look at him frowning.

"Nothing much really. Just talk to you."


"Feisty aren't ya? I like that."

"Excuse me?!"


"You're crazy!"

"Maybe but you don't have to think about that."

"You going to kill me or something?"

"Who knows?"

"Just great..."

"Do you have friends?"

"No. Why you asking?"

"Just thinking. Aren't you lonely?"

"No, can you now go away?"

"No. I can be your friend if you want to." he smiles.

"No thank you."

"What? You don't want to be my friend?"

"No and I don't even know your name."

"I didn't told you? If that's what bothering you my name is Damon Salvatore."

"I didn't mean that. Can you just go away? Take a hint?"

"Ouch. That hurt my feelings you know." he says dramatically and puts his hand to his heart.

"Like I care."

"You don't like my compliments, me trying to be polite or even my looks?"

"I chose not to care. You are stalking me obviously."

"Me? Stalking? How's that possible?"

"You knew my name and I didn't told it to you."

"Well you have a point. Maybe I'm stalking you little?"

"I don't even want to know..."

"Well, maybe that's for best." That make me want to get home really quickly.


"Come on. I wanna make you smile. Life a little."

"No thank you, stalker."

"I can't be that bad."

"Believe me, you are."

"Still feisty." Damon chuckled.

"You know, I'm going to go now so leave me alone. I mean it."

"But I haven't yet escort you to your home."

"I can handle that myself."

"You don't know what things there are haunting you in the dark..." he says softly and leaves. Finally. Thought I'm already on my front door. He lied to me! I open the door and face darkness. Why nobody aren't home? I try to find someone with no luck. They just leave me here! All alone! This is it. I don't care anymore. My only contact with someone was with that creep. I don't like this. Why would they leave me and with out any warning. There's nothing here. No letter. No nothing. I open the fridge and try to find something to eat and face empty shelves. Are you kidding me?! I close the fridge and make my way to the second floor and to my room. There's huge crow at my window. I walk to it and open the window.

"Hello, bird. Are you the same one I saw at the school?" The bird croaked. I smile and slowly touch its feathers.

"Are you a pet crow? You are used to humans." The crow watches me with its black eyes.

"I hope you would talk so I wouldn't be alone..." I say sighing.

"Missed me already?" I almost fell down from my window as I hear the voice.

"What are you doing here? In the tree?!"

"Well I kind of wanted to talk more."

"You mean stalk."

"Talking, stalking... What's the difference?"

"There's a huge difference!"

"Still, now I'm here as you command, princess." he says spreading his arms to me and smiling a bit silly.

"You are going to fall." I say smirking at him. And true, he allmost fells from the tree. I snigger as he tries to keep his balance.

"Well, I finally got a smile from you." Damon says smirking self-consciously. I snort to his attitude and cross my arms.

"And you would like that so much? I know there's a trick behind."

"You got me. I really do want something from you."

"And what might that be?"

"A kiss." I blush tomato red to his sentence.


"Well... you know, when two lips pucker and they go *kissing noises*"

"Damon I know what a kiss means!"

"Great! Let's do it!"

"No! I'm not kissing you!"

"Why? That would be fun."

"For you."

"And you too."


"Oh, you are stubborn. But that doesn't bother me. I'm going to catch your lips some day!"

"That day you have to wait a long long time."

"Well, I've got forever to wait."


"I've got to go now but I'll see you around miss Fray." Damon makes a little bow and leaves. The final thought before my parents car drive to the yard was: Damon Salvatore is a strange person.